8 Uses of Vaseline

Soften skin .Before going to bed, rub petroleum jelly on places where skin is extra-dry, like on your elbows or the heels of your feet and put on a cotton sock.Skin will be super-soft when you wake up.

Highlight cheekbones. Applying little bit of Vaseline on your cheekbones gives you a highlighted illuminating look.

Lash growth. Want that fuller lashes? Apply Vaseline to your lashes before going to bed regularly and you will definitely notice the change by  time

Mascara. Use  jelly as mascara. Apply it with your fingers on your eyelashes. It goes on clear and still gives your lashes volume.

Lip Exfoliation. Apply generous amount of Vaseline onto your lips and leave for 10 minutes. Then take a toothbrush and gently exfoliate your lips for two minutes and then wipe off using a tissue. This removes the dryness and the flaky skin on your lips.

Nails. Massage into dry cuticles and leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse it off.

Eyebrow.  It can be used as a brow gel to set the eyebrow in place.

Custom Lipstick. Apply Vaseline onto your lips and then take your favorite eyeshadow or blush color and dab on your lips


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